“Promoting Work-place wellbeing
Focusing on Mental, Emotional and Physical wellbeing of Employers/ Workers”

We engage individuals within the four interconnected domains of wellbeing:

Mental health and well-being are high priorities for organizations across industries. This was true before COVID-19, however, is even more so now. Growing mental health concerns exist in the corporate and other industry because it ranks second highest in suicide rates among major industries. Research shows that up to 90% of people have suicidal thoughts due to poor mental health condition. Depression is the most common, however other conditions may impact including substance use disorders — most commonly Alcohol/Drugs misuse, Anxiety, trauma, Separation from family, and High Pressure/Stress at work environment, seasonal Layoffs etc. -There’s a deeper issue: Most individuals struggling with mental health do not seek help or express their feelings to others.
A study done by the University of Bristol observed the effects of midday workouts on 200 employees at an IT firm. Their research showed:

Program Includes:
  • Corporate wellness Yoga: Our corporate wellness program focused on Yoga suitable for everyone. We strongly believe that Yoga and Meditation has the power to Cleanse the Mind, thoughts, Emotions and Body, and our program reigns it in the best way possible! A calm and happy employee is the key to a successful workplace – and we give aim to give you just that! The wellness program for corporates is designed to help combat the lack of movement from long work hours, reducing aches/pains and lowering medical claims. A simple system nutrition section which guides employees towards healthy sustainable weight loss. Lowering obesity rates, improving employee energy levels and life quality.
    • Posture Alignment & Awareness
    • Yoga for Insomnia or Sleep Health
    • Improve Flexibility & Focus
    • Mobility Yoga
    • Importance of Digital Wellness
    Most of the people who sit on computer for long or stand for long suffers from back pain, neck pain, cervical spondylitis, eyes or digestive problems. Therapeutic yoga focuses on the treatment of people with specific mental and physical conditions and it provides a valuable healing process for them. Yoga therapy can be helpful in lower back, shoulder, or hip pain, high blood pressure, constipation, asthma, diabetes, obesity, cervical, arthritis, anxiety, and depression, just to name a few.
  • Stress management / Mindfulness Mindfulness program take the employees from the whirlpool of stress, confidence issue, or and other mind woes, and helps to turn the Negative to Positive, thus healing creatively. Mindfulness create a balance, stress level reduce, emotions are better controlled and Multitasking become Easy. It is also helps the employee stay focused and patient, widens the scope for understanding, thus resulting in an overall Growth.
    • Meditations – For mental wellbeing
    • Creative Stress management
    • Resilience classes
    • Breath work / Pranayama for stress reduction
    • Deep Relaxation of Body and Mind
    • Self-Healing Basics
    Stress and strain of odd working hours along with sedentary life style takes toll on health. Coping with the Lifestyle diseases is snuffing out lives and taking away productive years. Meditation/ Mindfulness reduces anxiety, stress, reshapes the brain, increases concentration, thus reducing absenteeism and increasing productivity. Meditation session will help the participants to maintain a relaxed, focused, and energetic mind in the midst of a hectic office schedule
  • Team Building
    • Creativity & Change Management
    • Social Engagement &Team Building
    • Executive & Senior Management Series

Program Duration:
Program will be as one-hour sessions; Program can be customized based on the demands/client requirements.

Major benefits of corporate yoga
On the Company side includes: On the employee benefits are:
  • Reduction on healthcare costs related to stress and other ailments
  • Less absenteeism
  • Increased productivity
  • Better and quality services offered to customers
  • Highly motivated employees
  • Less attrition rate
  • Fulfilling and harmonious work environment
  • Improved concentration
  • Better decision-making skills
  • Better ability to deal with workload
  • Less work-related stress
  • Less posture-induced ailments
  • Improved heart health
  • Better delivery of performance
  • A better sense of recognition of the company they work for

Yoga Classes for Seniors
“If you’re new to yoga, it’s good to sign up for a class so you can learn good form”
Call our local yoga guide and ask if they offer classes taught by a teacher trained to work with older people or those with physical limitations. A gentle yoga class can be a good choice. Chair (or seated) yoga is a great option if your mobility or balance is limited, according to Jeter. Move at your own pace and remember that any yoga pose can be modified so it’s right for you. Just ask your teacher.